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  • Zethy sliding door, Share-yoon Ⅲ
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Zethy sliding door, Share-yoon Ⅲ

  • Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
  • Color: White willow, platinum gray porcelain, Hainan flower pear ,lobular red sandalwood, Brazil rosewood, Thailand pear, Thailand pomelo, American oak, KEXTRME PVDF champaign gold, golden sandalwood II
  • Aluminum thickness: 1.6


Product Configuration

Product Name: Zethy sliding door

Brand Name: Share-yoon

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)

Open Style: Sliding

Opening Pattern: Horizontal

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Profile Thickness: 1.1mm 1.2mm 1.4mm 1.6mm 1.8mm 2.0mm

Color: Any color for power coating

Glass: Double tempered,Triple tempered

Glass Hollow: 4G+16A+4G

Glass certificate: AS/CE/SGCC

Size: Customized

Style: Customized

Hardware: Domestic top brand or imported brand,such as German HOPO brand,Italy brand etc.

Screen Netting Material: Nylon, stainless steel, metal material for optio

Packing: Inside with pearl wool bags, outside with wooden frame or wooden box

Main Colors

60 Aluminum Alloy Sliding Window 05


Frosted Gold

Frosted Gold

Sparkle Silver

Sparkle Silver

Frosted Gold

Frosted Gold

Sparkle Silver

Sparkle Silver

Frosted Gold

Frosted Gold

Sparkle Silver

Sparkle Silver

Frosted Gold

Frosted Gold

Sparkle Silver

Sparkle Silver

Frosted Gold

Frosted Gold

Sparkle Silver

Sparkle Silver

Product Performance

Heat insulation performance

Grade 8(3.2/2.8/2.0W/M².K)(GB/T8484-2008)

Wind resistance performance

Grade 9{Kpa(GB/7106-2008}

Watertightness performance

Grade 8{Pa(GB/7106-2008}

Air permeability performance

Grade 7{M³/M²(GB/T7107-2008}

Sound insultation performance

Grade 7{32-45db(GB/8485-2008}


1. Zethy sliding door's unique appearance is the perfect combination of European style and modern pop beauty.Frame is accord with the public's structural size.The frame is with its own seal and mute anti-collision tape.

2. Zethy sliding door lock with lifting handle and dark lock.The use of adjustable lock rod to ensure the airtight lock.

3. Zethy sliding door door fan use double pulley to push and pull the guide.Two door fan can be opened at the same time, push and pull flexible.

4. Zethy sliding door the whole door design anticollision device to effectively prevent collision and friction.Design to prevent pinch hand device,enhance user safety.

5. Zethy sliding door is suitable for high grade residential, office and other places, indoor partition door.


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