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In our daily consumption, we believe that a lot of people believe that the higher the price of the commodity is, the better;the more quantity is,the better;the thick the material is, the better. Because the more the material is consumed, then the price will be higher accordingly, the quality will not have to be said. So, is that right? The thickness of aluminum alloy doors and windows is not based on the specification of the minimum wall thickness used, but according to the size of aluminum profile glass window and doors, wind pressure value and the design of doors and windows tightness, water tightness and other requirements selected. In ensuring product safety, performance, environmental protection and other requirements, it is not the thicker the wall thickness of the door and window profile, the better the quality of the product.


To judge the good or bad of the aluminum alloy doors and windows, we should start with the following points

1.   Whether the design of the profile is reasonable.

2.   Whether the air tightness and water tightness of the doors and windows are up to the standard.

3.   How the configure the hardware, glass and auxiliary parts of doors and windows.

If a door and window, its profile design is unreasonable, and its watertightness and tightness are not up to standard. Even if its wall thickness exceeds N times of the national standard, it is not a good product. At the same time, excessive pursuit of aluminum alloy profile wall thickness will bring unnecessary waste of resources to the country, and too thick profiles will inevitably lead to excessive prices and unnecessary expenses for consumers.