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Many people may not have a good concept for the sunlight room. What is the sunlight room? What material is better for the sunlight room? These problems are bothering us.

Sunlight room needs to be designed and constructed according to the needs of the place and personal preference, and its interior can be decorated according to personal preference.

The design method of traditional ordinary material sunlight room is rough, simple in structure, poor in beauty, low in strength and poor in heat insulation and heat insulation. Because there is no strengthening of the structure, so the roof of the sunlight room is very easy to be lifted by the wind, it is very likely to become a "high altitude hidden danger".

Many families choose aluminum alloy sunlight rooms. The aluminum alloy sunlight room also has many difficult problems in technology and technology, such as weight bearing, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and so on can not break through.

Adhering to the spirit of artisans, strict requirements on raw materials, the production process excellence, and strive to create a unique, to meet the pursuit of high-end consumer living room elegant sun room.

What material is better for the sunlight room?

The quality of the sunlight room, first of all to be reflected in its structure, the structure of the sunlight room fastness, determines the life of the sunlight room. The refinement can ensure the appearance of the exterior of the sun room.

Sunshine roof materials on the market are: tempered glass, sunshine board, Choi plate, such as high-watt.

If such tempered laminated glass by the top sunlight room process is strong and firm.

Also in the top glass built-in smart color honeycomb curtain, intelligent trigger, both to meet the summer block the sun, heat insulation needs, but also to meet the winter sun exposure, insulation needs.


Broken bridge aluminum sunshine room materials advantages

Sunshine room skeleton use broken aluminum bridge filled with insulating glass, air tightness and watertight have a good guarantee, and have good permeability, thermal insulation properties, good heat insulation.

The insulation aluminum alloy of the broken bridge is a frame, which realizes good heat insulation performance and solves the technical problem of "self bearing".


Aluminum alloy profile surface with high-temperature electrostatic powder coating, pollution-free, smooth surface, do not fade, do not fall off; rugged, will not be oxidized. Broken bridge aluminum alloy sunshine room long service life.

Intelligent design of broken bridge aluminum sunshine room

The design of the broken bridge aluminum alloy sunlight room is also very characteristic in the hollow section of the heat insulation aluminum section.

The hollow advantage of aluminum profiles can be used. Connect wind and rain sensor and  electric sunroof, from the aluminum profile of hollow position walk the line, making the electric sunroof and a variety of sensors together.

According to when wind and rain coming,weather change automatically  realizat changes  to achieve a real sun room intelligent control.

So, in more cases, most consumers will choose a broken bridge aluminum alloy sun room.