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Whether the more expensive aluminum alloy doors and windows the better, the thicker the better?

With the development of society, people’s lives are getting richer and the brands are getting stronger. There is a concept of consumption in commodities: The more expensive the goods, the better, The more famous the brand, the better...... Because goods are expensive, materials will be good, quality will be good. Just like stainless steel screen sliding window is more expensive the better? The more famous the brand, the better? Is the profile thicker the better? Is this knowledge correct?


Usually the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows constitutes three elements: profiles, window type and accessories. The wall thickness of the profile has a great impact on the price of the product. Many consumers, when purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows, will naturally think that the thicker the aluminum wall thickness is, the better, even exceeding the national standard, the better the product quality will be. This is not the case.

The national standard for the wall thickness of aluminum alloy doors and windows products is set by the state in accordance with the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection under the conditions of ensuring product safety and performance. It is not the thicker the wall thickness of product profiles is, the better the product quality is. Because too thick section material, do not guarantee product air tightness, watertight sex is good, product quality is high.

To determine the quality of an aluminum alloy door and window products, we must consider the following aspects:

1. The rationality of profile design;
2. Product airtightness and watertightness;
3. Product glass, hardware and accessories configuration.

If the profile design of an aluminum alloy door and window product is not reasonable, the air tightness and water tightness cannot meet the requirement, even if its wall thickness exceeds the national standard N times, it is not a good product. And excessive pursuit of aluminum alloy wall thickness is bound to bring about serious waste of resources. Excessively thick section material will bring exorbitant product price to the consumer, bring unnecessary economic burden to it.

The aluminium profiles used in the high-quality aluminum alloy doors and Windows can meet the national standards in thickness, strength and oxide film. For example, the relevant regulations of the state require:

1. The wall thickness of aluminum profiles for thermal break aluminum alloy doors and windows shall not be less than 1.4 mm and above, and the thickness of oxide film shall be 10 μm.
2. If we consider the safety and durability of doors and windows, tempered glass is better than ordinary glass.
3. Stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, etc.) are better than aluminum fittings.