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The balcony provides us with fresh air circulation, sunshine into the room, sometimes in safety and home needs, we need to install a sealed balcony.Well, then come together to find out the specific role of the sealed balcony and some of its precautions now!

In the home renovation project, generally have to seal the balcony operations, especially in the ground floor of the building, but also to deal with the balcony, usually sealed balcony use broken bridge aluminum.

Blocking the balcony can play the following role:

The first is security: closed balcony, the house has another layer of protection. When the social order of security does not reach the level of night-to-day closures, more layers of protection have given criminals an obstacle and can play a preventive role.

The second is health: After installation, more than a layer of dust blocking windows, is conducive to blocking wind and sand, dust, rain invasion.

The third is to expand the use of: In the case of relatively tight living conditions, the closed balcony can be used as reading writing, storage of articles, fitness exercise space, but also can be used as living space.Compared with the balconies, the use of more diverse forms, increasing the use of living room area.

The fourth is to broaden the design ideas:after balcony closed, with the indoor space can be removed by connecting the door even as one.Conducive to the overall design considerations,especially in the design of irregular rooms, we should take the form of sealed balcony, and make overall design for irregular space.

Sealed balcony six precautions:

1.the choice of profiles (plastic steel, high-grade aluminum, color steel) must be in line with national standards of products.And no deformation, no damage, no secondary point, hardware accessories should be so;

2.before installation, you must clean the balcony around the dirt, residue, remove the balcony original handrails or sealed;

3.the size of the window should be smaller than the original balcony, especially the bottom of the window, to leave a 2 cm spacing, with flexible mineral wool bar or special sealing foam-filled. Both to prevent the window frame by the cold and heat replacement and deformation, but also to prevent rain seepage;

4.After filling around the window frame, do a layer of waterproofing layer again, apply the finish after drying, but can not plug the overflow hole;

5.the installation of fasteners must use special screws, window frames should be kept vertical, horizontal, the error can not exceed 0.3 mm;

6.after installation, doors and windows open or move without resistance.