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What Is The Popular Kitchen Sliding Doors

If the conditions permit, the kitchen door is best fitted with a transparent sliding door. Because the sliding door is not only space-saving, flexible and stylish, but also makes the space look more transparent.What is the most popular sliding door now?


1. Black border sliding door

Do not know everybody to have found, black border glass is no matter with the form of door and window, still decorate a house with the form of indoor partition, give a person a kind of fashionable quality feeling. It is the most popular decorative design in the room. It can not only hold the industrial style, the Nordic style, but also perfectly match the modern minimalist style. The kitchen black glass frame sliding door is not only cool but also very versatile.

2. White border glass sliding door

In addition to the popular black border + glass sliding door, the white wooden frame or the iron frame sliding door is the most commonly used in the kitchen. White is the classic color, can match any home style, especially glass material, space elastic partition, but the vision is friendly, even if the space area is not large, it will not have a sense of depression, it is very popular with the decoration owners.


3. How do you choose sliding doors in the kitchen?

(1) The sliding door has two sets of upper and lower pulleys, and the pulley is very important for sliding doors. When you pull, you should listen to the pulley. If it is more stable and no vibration, it shows that the pulley is of good quality.

(2) The choice of the ground track is also very important, the height should be moderate.( There are old people and children at home. For safety, the height of the ground rail is preferably no more than 5mm.) This not only makes the foot feel good, but it is also easy to clean.

(3) Most kitchen sliding doors are basically made of glass, and the quality of the glass determines the quality of the door. For the safety of users, tempered glass is the best choice. If it is broken, it will not hurt people, and the appearance should be transparent.

(4) Picking closed edge fastness, silica gel is better than PVC rubber and will not corrode.