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What is the difference between laminated glass and insulating glass?

What is insulating glass?

The insulating glass, invented by Americans in 1865, is a new building material with good insulation, sound insulation, good appearance, and application, and can reduce the self-weight of buildings. It is to use two (or three) glass, use high strength high airtight compound binder, and binds glass with aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant to make high-performance sound insulation glass.

What is laminated glass?

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It is two or more pieces of float glass intermediate clip with a strong and tough PVB film. The intermediate air is discharged as much as possible by the combination of hot press and pressure and then put into a high-pressure steam kettle to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the film by using high temperature and high pressure. Compared with other glass, it has the performance of shockproof, Anti-theft, bulletproof and explosion-proof.

So, which glass should be chosen for laminated glass and insulating glass?

First of all, the laminated glass and the insulating glass have sound insulation and heat insulation effect to some extent. However, laminated glass has excellent shock resistance and explosion-proof performance, while insulating glass has better thermal insulation.

In terms of sound insulation, there are different differences between the two. Laminated glass has good seismic performance. Therefore, when the wind is strong, the possibility of noise caused by self-vibration is small, especially for the medium and low frequencies. Insulating glass is prone to resonance.

But when it comes to isolating external noise, insulating glass has a slight advantage. Therefore, depending on the place, the glass to be chosen is different.

In ordinary households, insulating glass is the most widely chosen. If you live in a high-rise building, the wind is large and the noise is relatively small, and laminated glass is also a good choice.

Laminated glass

Two kinds of glass most direct reflect is on the sunshine room apply. Generally, the top of the sunroom is made of double-layer tempered glass. And the facade glass of sunshine room uses insulating glass.

Because if you encounter high-altitude falling objects, the safety of laminated glass is relatively high and it is not easy to completely break. The use of insulating glass in the façade glass can better achieve thermal insulation and keep the sunshine room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Therefore, we can not say that which is better for double layer sandwich glass and double deck insulating glass. It is only possible to say where the demand is greater. Window glass is the knight that protects a home, the most suitable for their own is the best!

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