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The biggest role of the folding door in modern decoration is the decorative function, and it is mainly used in the commercial space of the workshop and the shopping mall to play a special decorative effect.
So, why do so many people use aluminum alloy glass folding doors? Is aluminum alloy glass folding door really good? What kind of aluminum alloy glass folding door?

what is the aluminum alloy glass folding door?

The so-called aluminum alloy glass folding door means that the door leaf is made of glass, and the door frame and its frame edge are aluminum alloy folding doors, which are commonly called aluminum alloy glass folding doors.
In practical applications, in order to pursue more perfect decoration effect, most aluminum alloy folding doors are used for most occasions, even the family kitchen or toilet folding door is no exception.
When designing aluminum alloy glass folding doors, designers for the sake of user safety, most of the folding doors are made of tempered glass with solid wood or magnesium-silicon alloy door frames made of. The folding door made in this way not only has good decorative effect, but also has a high safety grade. Under normal circumstances, the basic will not be broken glass, damaged phenomenon.


Characteristics of aluminum alloy glass folding door

The appearance of aluminum alloy glass folding door is fashionable and leisure. Easy to slide open, waterproof and moistureproof, sound insulation effect is good. It is durable, green, environmental friendly, easy to install, well sealed, practical, folding and no noise, and will not deform for a long time. Large area glass design and lighting effect is better. Can do sixty percent off, both sides of each side fold.
Aluminum Alloy glass folding door free stretch makes it very save space, using folding technology, clever folding and stretching, suitable for different space requirements, the open space to the greatest extent, make indoor air circulation is conducive to smoothly, and the sunlight sterilization.

The aluminum alloy glass folding door is designed to avoid wind sand, dust, garbage and rainwater leakage into the room.

The standard slot design is very solid, basically reaching the level of the European hardware configuration.Use the post - embedded stainless steel heart and aluminum hinge is durable and easy to disassemble. The sliding wheel of the bottom sliding system is all with flat ball bearing, which enhances service life and folding glide smooth.

The selection and purchase of aluminum alloy glass folding door

Now, people generally choose the sliding doors of titanium magnesium aluminum alloy. It has low carbon and environmental protection, moderate price and strong decorative, suitable for installation in the bathroom, kitchen and other wet environment.

Its material solid, multi-color, glass types are more. At the same time, it is more economical than the other type of sliding door, which is the first choice of the ordinary family.

In addition, the plastic steel glass partition sliding door has good sealing and heat insulation, the whole non deformation, and the appearance is not easy to age. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the large north area of wind and sand. Especially in the extraction of balcony utilization rate, to ensure the balcony temperature, clean conditions of the first choice products.
And for the house with large outdoor noise, it is best to choose the plastic steel door with hollow glass or double glass.Its sealing and sound insulation effect is excellent.