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What is the difference between the system sun room and the non-system sun room? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Nowadays, many families with terraces will want to turn the balcony into a sunny room, adding a warm space for themselves. So what is the sun room? Sun room is also called glass room. The sun room is a non-traditional building constructed of glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying the sun and getting close to nature. Sunshine house is a kind of architecture that is pursued by natural and fashionable people both at home and abroad. There are basically two types of sun room, namely non-system sun room and system sun room. So what do these two kinds of sunrooms mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

1. System sun room

Large aluminum material by aluminum bedroom door manufacturers is needed for the skeleton, and the site structure support conditions are elastic hinge structure, suitable for more field conditions, structural deformation and other waterproof system control. The advantages of this type of solar housing system are: no water drop noise and no noise problem, transparency and light transmission are made of heat-insulating reflective glass, which can increase the heat insulation and ease the light of the eye. A variety of glass configurations are used to solve the phenomenon of condensation, and laminated safety glass is used to prevent damage caused by cracking. The disadvantages are: low overall energy consumption, but higher cost.



2. Non-system sun room

The frame adopts steel or ordinary aluminum, non systematic development, random selection of the existing materials in the market, rigid connection and welding, strong adaptability and low matching degree of material performance, which can make circular arc modeling conveniently, and the cost is cheaper. The advantage of such a non system sunlight house is that the surface material is made of laminated glass or sunlight board (PC board) as roof material, which has the characteristics of shielding rain and light transmission. PC board has strong impact resistance, 250 times stronger than traditional glass, 30 times stronger than acrylic. PC plate has good folding resistance, even if the bending angle is 80-90 degrees, it will not fracture. Disadvantages: the frame has no heat structure, no drainage system. System section is simple, no system elasticity considerations, material material is more confusing. The sun board plastic material used for the surface material has great vibration, it is noisy when it is raining, and the surface is more likely to be atomized. It is not easy to clean and aging, yellowing rate is high, hardening, high cracking, poor heat insulation, water seepage after cracking serious condensation phenomenon can not be ruled out.

Precautions: The construction technology is high and rigorous. If the level is not designed well, there will be unstable conditions. The glass and the frame must be separated to be earthquake-resistant. The absolute strength of the appropriate skeleton design can be load-bearing and safe.

The above is the Share-yoon Doors and Windows for everyone to bring the non - system sunshine room and system sunshine room related knowledge, I believe that after you read, which two kinds of sunshine room have already had a certain understanding. Two kinds of sun rooms have their own advantages, but also have their own inadequacies, the final choice of sun room, but also have to see their own personal preferences and the actual needs of the family!