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What are the common styles of screen window?

Buy a house decoration, this is not a popular "hot word". General household adornment decorated such as stainless steel screen casement window, is one of the most important event in everybody's life. Therefore, people pay special attention to the quality of decoration during the decoration process. Take the screen window in the home decoration, the screen window style is more in the market at present. However, many people do not particularly understand the screens. What are the common screen window styles?


1. Plane shift screen window

Advantages:The price, the sealing property is good, and the balcony window use does not occupy the area (the thickness is about 10mm).

Disadvantages: The appearance is more traditional, long-term use easy deformation is not firm. If the pulley is used for a long time, it will wear and rust, pushing and pulling will not be flexible, belong to gradually eliminated products.

2. Magnet type screen window:

Advantages:The big benefit of a magnet is the price. Simple structure and easy installation, no need to change the window type structure. Do-it-yourself DIY is also available (thickness is about 10mm).

Disadvantages: Due to use a magnet adhesive, appearance is not beautiful, the wind resistance is also poor, the use is not convenient.

3. Foldable hidden screen window:

Advantages:The screen window can be sliding and hidden, the accordion fold looks beautiful,strong artistic feeling. The use of the support screen window can be half open and closed, convenient. (about 20-25mm of thickness)

Disadvantages: Shorter service life,wind resistance weaker, the guide rail clearance is large. Dust catkins will accumulate on the folded gauze and are not easily cleaned, which is a major drawback of collapsible concealment.

4. The detachable hidden screen window:

Advantages:Good light transmission, the installation is beautiful. Windproof buckle design makes wind resistance and sealability are very good, lifetime is long. The comparatively humanized design is a built-in automatic cleaning system that can be disassembled and used very conveniently. There is no need to disassemble it during the four seasons.