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What are the characteristics of electric shutters?

In the process of home decoration, doors and windows, such as stainless steel screen sliding window, are indispensable everywhere. In order to ensure light permeability in the home, many people chose electric shutters for installation. The electric shutters have good ventilation and ventilation performance and can adjust indoor light intensity, which is especially suitable for the installation of a simple and bright indoor space. But many people do not particularly understand electric shutters. What are the characteristics of electric shutters?

To understand the characteristics of electric shutters, it is recommended that everyone understand their construction in advance. The driving system of electric louver is composed of an electric motor, a rope winding device and a mechanical limiter. These components are mounted in a "C" type stainless steel bracket and are finally assembled with the curtain sheet to form an electric shutters final product. System control mode can use ordinary line switch control, wireless remote control, timing control, wind and rain, light control and building integration control and so on, so it has the characteristics of general window does not have:

1.Use imported 220V AC tubular motor.
2. Motor noise is small, knob type trip adjustment, the stroke control is accurate and reliable.
3. Select the motor model according to the weight of the curtain and the size of the area.
4. The reel is uniquely designed, a motor can complete the flip and up and down of the louver.
5. The blade width of the Venetian blinds is generally 25mm or 50mm, and the material is made of aluminum alloy leaves, bamboo and wood chips etc..
6. With the use of self developed universal joint middle seat, a motor can drive several louvers.