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What are the advantages and installation of aluminum alloy casement doors

Casement door in use can be regarded as relatively ancient. Although the production and development of various types of door types are constantly updated. The attention paid to the casement door is not as high as before, but it does not affect its effectiveness. Let's talk briefly about some of the advantages and installations of thealuminum alloy casement door so that everyone can better understand the casement door.

casement doors

Advantages of the casement door:


Casement doors are safer than other categories in terms of safety performance. The casement door can be installed with a lock at the time of use, and for the average family, the basement door is made of a relatively hard material, which is very convenient and safe to use.

2.Material producing

There are so many materials for making casement doors. From the original wood to now aluminum, glass and other materials can be used to make casement doors. Therefore, in terms of price, there are more choices for casement doors.

3.Good sealing

When the casement door was originally designed, it was the most primitive shape of the door. At that time, it was required to effectively prevent cold, prevent sand and dust, or other impurities from entering the house. Therefore, the sealing performance is required to be absolutely high. Casement door than other doors in the surrounding more than a layer of colloid protection, when used, can effectively isolate.

Casement door installation instructions

  1. First, remove the door leaf from the split frame of the door frame.
  2. Fold off the connecting aluminum strips under the door frame and turn the fixing tabs on both sides of the door frame to a position suitable for installation.
  3. Push the door frame from the front of the door hole into the door hole, determine the front and rear position of the door frame.
  4. It is important to adjust the flatness and verticality of the door frame with a level ruler and to adjust the open distance of the door leaf between the door lock frame and the door hinge frame.
  5. After confirming that there is no problem with the adjustment size, fix the door frame fixing a piece to the wall.
  6. The door sash is reinserted into the door frame to separate the hinge and check whether the opening of the door leaf is smooth and firm.

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