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We usually use aluminum doors and windows hardware components susceptible to corrosion of the weather there are three main factors:

1.   Humidity

As the water in the air condensed into liquid water film is the formation of the necessary conditions for corrosion of the original battery, so the air humidity is the main factor.When the humidity reaches a certain critical value, the surface forms the water film, and the corrosion rate increases the critical relative humidity of the corrosion of the metal parts commonly used in the aluminum doors and windows.

116 Thermal break window

2.   Temperature

When high temperature and humidity, the temperature increases and the corrosion is accelerated.The temperature change is caused by the sudden drop of high temperature (evening), which makes the water vapor in the atmosphere condensed into film, and can also accelerate the corrosion process.The longer the humid time is, the corrosion of the aluminum door and window hardware is more serious.Generally speaking, the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 6 ℃, the temperature changes in the range of 5 ℃~ 50 ℃, as long as the relative humidity reaches 65% -75%, there will be condensation phenomenon.

3.   Air Pollution

Under normal conditions, the corrosion medium in the air is very few, only the corrosion of oxidation to the metal is frequent.However, with the continuous development of the industry, harmful gases and dusts in the air have also increased greatly. Such as coal, kerosene, diesel combustion generated carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases.There is also a lot of dust, such as smoke, ash, chloride and other acids, alkalis, salt particles are also distributed to the atmosphere.Some of them are corrosive, some are condensate in the water corrosive to the aluminum doors and windows’metal.