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With the change of society, 80, 90 young people gradually into suitable marriage.The number of buying or redecorating will be increased again. The building materials industry, as a complementary industry for decoration, has also been promoted.Doors and windows as one of the necessary materials for the decoration, coupled with the increasing height and performance requirements of doors and windows in recent years, high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows have naturally entered many.


1.Look sign

Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the top ten brand manufacturers or well-known brand manufacturers will be in the product bright place paste brand labels, including: manufacturer name or trademark, product name, product model, manufacturing date, etc., we must pay special attention to this point when buying.


2.Look at the price comparison

As the select material of medium-to-high grade aluminum alloy doors and windows is very strict, the cost will be increased.while those who counterfeit shoddy goods in order to reduce the cost by recycling aluminum usually contains a lot of impurities as raw material, its quality and hardness is not enough.So if an appearance is no problem and the price of the middle and high end doors and windows is also very low, do not think that they have earned, you may just buy counterfeit goods.


3.Pay attention to the appearance of the product

Look at the appearance is mainly to see these aspects: high-quality products, fine processing, pay attention to installation, good sealing performance, switch freely.The hardware is complete, the position is correct, the installation is firm and the use is flexible, and it can reach its own function.Window frames should be clean, flat, smooth, no scratches on the surface, bumps, profiles without open welding break.In addition, we must pay attention to the thickness of aluminum,the strength of the thickness above 1.4mm will be better.