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With the development of the social economy and the improvement of the people's living standards, can people meet the requirements of the living environment and the comfort level of the living room? At the same time, the external window insulation, sound insulation and whether window leakage of water, whether to meet the requirements of the customer? For aluminum alloy broken bridge window leakage problem, how to make the broken bridge window to achieve the effect of watertight.

Rain screen principle: Rain screen principle, also known as "principle of equal pressure", is to separate the wind and rain, to achieve internal and external pressure balance."Isobaric principle" is the main theoretical basis for waterproofing doors and windows and curtain wall, which is feasible in practice.Curtain wall windows and doors designers now make a long time do not mention this principle, but in engineering design and construction to be used frequently.

1. Leakage caused by the deformation of the rod

In engineering design often meet the standard requirements of physical performance indicators on it.In actual engineering construction, especially in the typhoon areas along the southeast coast, wind and rain simultaneously act on the surfaces of the windows and curtain walls to deform the columns and beams to generate relative displacement, thereby causing rainwater leakage.This should be taken into account in the beginning of engineering design to enhance the rigidity of columns, beams to reduce the deflection under the action of wind and rain at the same time;


2.There is no enough clearance space between columns and crossbeam connections to absorb shrinkage and expansion deformation caused by temperature change, floor deformation and building subsidence, resulting in leakage.

3.Problems with the construction process

The installation of the column and beam, especially the element type curtain wall by manual operation at the site by workers.Management is often unsatisfactory inevitably cause contact connection and sealing holes, so the rain from the column column channel expansion joints of some leakage point into, from the upper floor to other floors below, often there is such a problem, it is difficult to find the source of leakage points.



1.The combination of window and building enclosure wall

The design of the windows clearly indicates how to connect the window with the wall so that they become a complete system and must maintain the continuity between the window and the wall.It can provide resistance to protection, increase the resistance of air tightness, heat flow and steam diffusion.The windows are designed to minimize the potential for condensation in windows or window frames caused by improper form designs or wall designs.And to ensure that windows are affected by the wind load, all the load will be transferred to the wall structure, and at the same time the thermal expansion movement of windows and other parts of the building can be satisfied.

2. Control the infiltration of rainwater

The usual practice of windows is to work out the drainage holes, cushion the glass gaskets, and then pack the indoor and outdoor glue. The guarantee of the water tightness of the window is realized through the principle of "equal pressure" in the principle of rain proof, namely the balance pressure protection within the framework of the hollow glass pad around the joint airtight channel at the sealant seal and provide drainage holes, the formation of isobaric cavity structure, can make the rainwater discharged smoothly.