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The precautions of the balcony to be transformed into a sunny room

The balcony is the extension of the building interior, but only be set as outdoor space or storage space, the dust is thick accumulate, sundry heap, lost the beautiful existence that the balcony should have. If a balcony can be transformed into a sun room, it is not only a place for residents to breathe fresh air, dry clothes, place potted plants, but also to transform into a new functional area and inject another scene into life. Balcony alteration has so many advantage, that balcony transforms into sunshine room to have what notice factor?


When decorating the balcony, pay attention to the indoor insulation, heat insulation and sealing. In order to prevent wind and rain, some families will almost seal the balcony to ensure their sealing performance, but if the balcony is not well sealed, it will leak air in the cold winter and reduce indoor temperature. If it hits a windy day, there will be a lot of dust entering the room. The most annoying thing is that when it rains, the bad tight airtight window sash will leak and wet the things on the balcony. Therefore, the quality of the installation of the closed balcony is crucial and will affect your future use.



Six points should be paid attention to the transformation of the balcony into a sunny room

1. Regardless of how the decoration, you need to consider load-bearing the issue. Unless your home's balcony has been strengthened in the pre-building body, you cannot exceed the weight of the load.

2. In any form of decoration, waterproof issues need to be considered and the original waterproof layer system of the balcony cannot be damaged.

3. In any form of decoration, the wind load resistance of the balcony needs to be considered. All the attachment structures need to be strengthened and ensured to be safe and secure.

4. The floor of the balcony should ensure that the drainage system is smooth in order to prevent the water from infiltrating into the room.

5. If the owner of the house is fond of flowers, the plants placed on the balcony should try to choose a species with high resistance to insect resistance. And the planting belt and the indoor need to make the necessary separation, so as to avoid insect ants into the room, affecting your health.

6. The lamps and lanterns near the balcony also need to be waterproofed, and need to be installed with a leakage prevention switch to prevent the leakage of electricity when the rainy day forgets to close the balcony window and cause human injury.