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The different materials in aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Often have customer to query, why to be aluminum alloy door window likewise, why the price difference will be great. In fact, the price of aluminum profile swinging door and aluminum casement windows are mainly composed of three pieces, one is material, the other is labor, and the other is a certain profit. So, how do aluminum alloy doors and windows distinguish between good and bad materials?

Material costs

aluminum profile swing door

Basically, the better the quality of aluminum alloy doors and aluminum double glazed casement window, because of fine workmanship, the higher the requirements for raw materials, in order to make the product more transparent texture, visual impact more realistic. Therefore, in the purchase of goods than three, ask more about the product raw materials, processing and brand structure of the relevant knowledge will find that there is still a big difference between the requirements.

Labor cost

Affected by-product homogeneity, many products look similar, under the eviction of interests, a lot of shoddy. This needs us of the consumer to practice a pair of piercing eyes, the processing of door window surface, detail processing, and the observation of mark parameter. Generally speaking, the better the details are done, the more careful the production process is, the more assured the product quality, but the corresponding labor costs will be attached.

Profit income

aluminum casement windows

As the price of raw materials rises, the profit margin of the aluminum profile swing door and windows is further compressed. If aluminum alloy doors and windows merchants want to survive better, they must have sufficient passenger flow support. Price war can drive sales, often just sales promotion, because the price of the section of the lower requirements, which also makes the process of reduction possible. Therefore, pay attention to quality and cheap, but pay more attention to quality.

In general, not afraid of aluminum doors and windows new style, afraid of buyers looking at goods do not in mind. Before home decoration, you need to know more about some product-related knowledge. According to the different functionalities of the space, choose the material suitable for the space condition and the safety of the style itself.

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