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Spring carefully chosen丨Light color fastens door window, pure and fresh cure small endowment feelings

Grey blue,light yellow, pink green, Paris senna white, California manchurian ash......


Double Glazed Windows Manufacturers

This series of pleasant names say the export, let the whole person feel soft a lot.

Dark-colored home can highlight the texture, they will feel a little dull after a long time.

Spring has arrived, and the weather is getting warmer. A set of light colored doors and windows has a light and pleasant mood.

The color characteristic of the dark interior design is often at the first glance easy to bring a thick, steady and good impression. The light-colored doors and windows, in addition to the color advantages, often have higher design requirements.

Only a really good design can show a full sense of quality in light colors.

Light colors do not just mean cool, empty. Good light color fastens door window, adornment is appropriate, the color is tie-in delicate and proper, can fall to be generous, can cure warmth, also can be pure and fresh and lively.

Material interlacing丨Good quality meet good taste

In order to avoid visual monotony, light-colored doors and windows can consider to be interspersed with different glass processes in design.

Through the different glass process processing to add the richness and layer sense of the whole space.

The different colors in the different process is staggered, simple and refined and never simple, bringing a higher sense of design.