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Small-sized apartment to choose folding doors, since it saves space and beautiful

In the home want to let each other have more communication, do not want to spend in their own space, can break the wall of space and space according to the building structure, use folding door is a kind of better way.

The folding door is like a door and a window, which allows the space to be divided without blocking the line of sight. When you read a book in the study room and the family is resting in the living room, open the folding doors and pull them closer to each other. If you want to concentrate on work or rest and don’t want to be disturbed by the sound, you can close the folding door.

1. Save space, fold door because of its push-pull freely, easy to fold place, be liked by fashionable person thereby.

2. Beautiful appearance, various styles, and a wide range of applications. It can be applied to high-end residences, can be luxurious and elegant, and can also be widely used in small-sized residences, offices, exhibition halls, and public places etc., more practical, more atmosphere.

3. High safety performance, the folding door mainly uses aluminum alloy profiles and hardware accessories, tempered glass and other materials, all are flame retardant. Therefore, the coefficient of its fire insulation and heat insulation is high, and it can resist acid and alkali corrosion.

4. High ventilation, which is a significant advantage of folding doors relative to other types of doors and windows.