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Which Doors Shall we Choose,Sliding Door or Hanging Rail Door?

Different types of doors are used in different spaces, and it is common to install sliding doors or hanging rail doors. However, many consumers may not have a special understanding of the two types of doors, nor do they know sliding door and hanging rail door which better? Here is a brief introduction for you, through the advantages and disadvantages of the comparison to help you better understand.

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

The sliding door was originally applied to the wardrobes. With the improvement of production technology, people choose to use sliding doors for space partition doors. The sliding door is mainly supported by the pulley below the door sash, sliding the door to the left and right through the underground guideway. Its main force point is the lower pulley, and the upper rail pulley is generally used as an auxiliary.

The advantages of the sliding door are mainly to separate the space, to limit and separate the space, and to increase the privacy of the space, to achieve a certain sound insulation effect.

The disadvantage of sliding doors is that the rails are easily damaged. Sliding doors have very high-quality requirements for their slide rails and some hardware. The sliding doors are often moved, which is very easy to cause damage to the rails. Make the service life of an integral sliding door is not long, repair and replace relatively troublesome.

3 panels sliding aluminium door

Advantages and disadvantages of hanging rail doors

Regarding the hanging rail door, it is actually the door that is slid by the upper hanging wheel support. This kind of door is generally no noise when sliding, and the main force point is that the aluminum alloy upper rail, so the quality of the upper hanging wheel determines the service life of the entire hanging rail door.

The advantage of such a hanging rail door is mainly that it is easy to operate. Because it is supported by the top track pulley to open and close the door, so the overall operation is very convenient. Moreover, during the process of moving the hanging rail door, it will not easily emit excessive noise, and the whole process will be smooth and silent, which can create a quiet atmosphere for the living room. At present, the hanging rail door products on the market have rich styles and patterns. Therefore, the overall shape is more fashionable and the decorative effect is stronger.

The disadvantage of the hanging rail door is that the sliding rail is easily damaged. Because the top rail pulley endures long-term gravity, coupled with high-frequency switch door operation, the guide rail and pulley are very easy to damage, and after a long period of use, there will be a door sinking situation.

rail doors

Sliding door PK hanging rail door, advantage competition

By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the sliding door and the hanging rail door, it can be seen that both of them are opened and closed by means of pushing and pulling. But the sliding door has a guide rail on top and a floor rail on the bottom, dark wheels on the bottom of the door, and gravity is concentrated on the bottom. The gravity of the hanging rail door is concentrated above.

The above is related content about the sliding door and hanging rail door which is better. I hope to help you.

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