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Simple and reliable aluminum alloy door purchasing skills, not to see absolutely will regret!

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Security is no small matter, holiday is not slack! On the eve of the Ching Ming Festival, Share-yoon Doors and Windows fully carried out "6S" management inspections to ensure production safety at all times!


Simple and reliable aluminum alloy door purchasing skills, not to see absolutely will regret!

Door, occupying an important position in the history of China. In ancient times, there was sectarian bias or the saying of the threshold. Until today, we go to work and go off work every day,  we need push away or cross different doors. Share-yoon Door Window tells you these aluminium alloy door buy and buy skill.



First, to see every corner where our eyes can see, in addition to being practical, a good door must have a very beautiful appearance, with content that is also attractive. General high-end products are very delicate for the surface treatment. For example, use hands to touch the surface will not touch the dander, and doesn't touch sags and crests’ paint particles,too. Especially on the corner treatment, it will also be in place.

Second, after looking at the style, we need to go deep into the selection of materials. Why are the prices of products that look similar in the market very different? The most important reason is the selection of raw materials. The appearance of two sections of the same profile, the use of raw materials will be different, the use of the impurity-containing profiles, although the price is low, but the strength and life expectancy is not as good as before.

Third, while the global environmental issues are becoming more and more severe, the country is also paying more attention to promoting environmental protection. With the increase in propaganda, consumers have already had a deep sense of environmental protection while shopping. The raw materials of doors and windows produced by Share-yoon Doors and Windows are all aluminum alloy, not only the pollution of the environment is very small, and the recycling rate is very high, which is in line with the concept of the national sustainable development.