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【Share-yoon doors and windows】Make windows a bright spot for space enjoy the comfortable home!

Most people think the best space for comfort is the place to enjoy the beautiful and charming scenery. In real life, many small space home life, because of the aluminum casement windows, the introduction of attractive outdoor scenery, to make life more beautiful! How to make windows a bright spot for space design?

136 thermal break casement window

1. Natural light source is the source of healthy life

Like humans and plants, the lack of sunlight is less motive power. Natural light source for our body, heart, spirit to bring health energy, is an important element in daily life, and let us be closer to nature.
No matter what kind of form and style of the windows, the most important thing is to try to make each room all have natural light, to create a healthy and comfortable home environment.

2. Different design space style more plus points

In general, high ceilings and spacious bedrooms can be paired with tall skylights or multi-storey windows often used in the atrium and hall.
However, relatively small rooms can use a relatively low height window sill or floor window, in addition to the introduction of warm natural light can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can choose the most suitable window type according to the style and size of the room.

3. The window introduced the beautiful scenery to the home

Enjoy the large floor windows that are connected from the ceiling to the floor, and bring into the beautiful scenery. Early morning, you can enjoy the charming marine scenery like painting or the night view of the gorgeous city seen from the top floor windows.
The windows on the walls introduce beautiful outdoor scenery to the house. At the beginning of design, we should know where the best scenery is, then choose a window to enlarge it and introduce the best scenery to the interior.

4. Use the skylight to make the home with different views

The ceiling, commonly known as the "fifth face wall", is easily overlooked by the owner when it is designed and planned. Skylight is actually a dual advantage of providing more privacy and natural light. It is a good solution for the space lacking outside windows.
Skylight can also be a part of style design, using different materials to create a different atmosphere.

5. Using different glass to meet the needs of privacy

The most private place is the bathroom. The windows that bring sunshine are also easy to leak privacy. At this time, we can consider using opaque windows to increase privacy.
Translucent glass is often used in bathroom windows, which can keep privacy and allow natural light to permeate. Besides, different shapes of windows can increase hidden design.

6. High windows introduce light to make space more diverse

For many families, the wall is a very precious space. The high windows are located at the top of the wall and are usually close to the ceiling where natural light splashes from above while retaining valuable wall space.

7. The right position of  window makes the home more comfortable

When choosing a new house location, it should be whether there is sufficient sunshine and exposure is also taken into account factors. According to each person's work and rest, the location of the windows should also be in line with the appropriate location.
As the climate and seasonal changes, consider the hot and cold temperature changes can also make use of the appropriate window position to make the home more comfortable and warm.

8. Make the scenery out of the window a "art"

No artwork comparable to the natural scenery seen through the window, the interior style combined with beautiful scenery, to create like a home-style artwork
From the living room to see the garden scenery, so simple and non-gorgeous internal style immediately clear up, the windows can make home more different changes and inspired more layout inspiration.

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