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Exhibition Review|Share-yoon doors and windows participate in China Door and Window Expo, wonderful never end!


In March 12, 2018, the 2018 China Doors & Windows Fair was successfully concluded at the Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangdong. This is a grand meeting of the door and window industry, and it is also a harvest tour of the Share-yoon aluminum profile doors and windows.

At the exhibition, Share-yoon Doors and Windows made in-depth exchanges with old customers, consolidated existing cooperation relationships, and discovered a large number of potential new customers, laying a good foundation for further market development!

Won the “People's Republic of China system door and window standard customization” standard unit

Taking this opportunity to review the exhibition,Share-yoon Doors and Windows sincerely

say to all the friends here:

Thank you!

Thank you for your trust and support of the Share-yoon Doors and Windows!

New product exhibition Popular hot

In this exhibition, Share-yoon Doors and Windows to bring a variety of innovative products to deliver the goods, and to become the focus of the show, has been focused on the country participating merchants.

The exhibition Share-yoon Doors and Windows showcased a series of new products such as delicate narrow frame sliding door.

There are a constant stream of people on the exhibition, and the constantly intentional customers come to consult and negotiate the products and exchange the future cooperation.

Sincere service  Happy cooperation

Do doors and windows, we are serious, but also professional!

Share-yoon Door and Window elite team members explain product performance and advantages to customers and businessmen

During the exhibition, a number of customers and businesses reached a cooperation agreement with Share-yoon Doors and Windows immediately, and expanded many intentional customers are in late-stage contact.

Media interviews Layout future

In the Internet age, enterprises need to adapt to the trend of market change, what is the Share-yoon Doors and Windows' planning in this area? What are the measures to steadily promote the development of the brand and keep the market stable?

During this China Door and Window Expo exhibition, Hui Ya media reporter conducted a special interview with Mr. Huang Qiusheng who chairman of the company.

Mr.Huang: The theme of the Share-yoon Doors and Windows' participation this year is” Shared retail era terminal stores glory of kings”. The main direction of Share-yoon is the investment and transformation on the mobile Internet. In the window and door industry, the concept of “new retail” is first proposed. The main purpose is to allow distributors and companies to transform their business concepts.

Last year, Share-yoon was elected as the ten big bull business, the online and offline marketing model has been formed. In 2018, we will not only do a good job of off-line investment promotion and business promotion, but also focus on online distribution and do a good job in the linkage of enterprise informationization.

In the future, Share-yoon will make unremitting efforts to live up to the expectations and together with the dealers face the challenges and opportunities brought by business and market, closely follow the country's strategic development direction, keep up with the pace of the times, and do a good job of doors and windows business down-to-earth!

Thank customers for their trust in Share-yoon Doors and Windows and their recognition of Share-yoon Doors and Windows' product quality. Thanks also to the Share-yoon’s family who fought in the front line and after service!

2018,let us work together, create new brilliance!