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Is The Bathroom Installed Sliding Door Or Swing Door

The key to home renovation is the design of the bathroom and kitchen, because they are often make contact with water all the year round, so when it comes to renovations, it will inevitably require special attention. Many people reflect a problem. What gate should we choose to avoid humidity?


First: The first thing we need to know is the features of the bathroom door: it must be moisture-proof and closed, so as to avoid the deformation caused by the damp environment of the door and reduce the life of the use.

Moisture protection is waterproof, we must do a good weather bar. In this way, there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of water accumulation. Closed is mainly for the sake of washing in winter, and good closed can bring us a comfortable washing environment. Only if we do this better, can we bring more sanitary and clean environment to our bathroom, our bathroom door will also increase our service life.

Bathroom-sliding doorn

Second: Choose to move  door: move  door is what we call the sliding door, the left and right gently pull, bring us more convenient life. But you really ignore a problem, it is the upper and down slide rail of the sliding door. They are the main parts of the sliding door. Nowadays, the material of the sliding rails on the market is almost  good and bad mixed together. Coupled with the wet environment that can't be avoided in the bathroom, the slide rails often have problems after they are used for a long time, so the service life of the sliding doors will be greatly reduced.

bathroom-swing door

Third: Choose to swing door: the swing door is more suitable for the choice of bathroom, whether  small apartment or large apartment can bring us more convenient life. There are reasons why Share-yoon Doors and Windows recommend swing doors for you. Let's take a look at the following key points.

  • Key point 1:

Good moisture resistance. Swing door because often open, we do not use the bathroom when we can bring more ventilation, so in moisture resistance is better, cost-effective is better choice.

  • Key point 2:

Good sealing. The closure of  the swing door much higher than that of the sliding door. When you wash in the winter, you can bring more warmth. If you wash your face and rinse your mouth and wash your clothes early in the morning. It will not affect the family rest.

  • Key point 3:

Good practicality: When we open or close,swing doors usually have no sound . Longer life cycle. It can bring us more safe and healthy lives both from the sealing and the dustproof type.


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