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How to choose the aluminum alloy doors and windows?

In the recent period, the noise of community aunt dance the square dance is too loud. It has caused the homeowners' home life not to be tranquil, thus causing conflicting information to enter the eyes of everyone. Now the noise is indeed one of the culprits of the quality of home life. But is the noise unable to stop it? Of course not. More and more families choose aluminum alloy doors and windows with better sound insulation to prevent noise from Shareyoon soundproof window supplier. And how to choose aluminum profile sliding door and aluminum sliding windows?


The sound insulation effect of our aluminum alloy doors and windows is determined by its air tightness. The higher the airtightness, the better the sound insulation effect, because the ability to stop the transfer of media is better.

aluminum profile sliding door

The factors affecting the airtightness of the door and window have the following points:

Whether the lap joint of the window and door frame sash meets the use requirements.


Whether the length of airtight waterproof glue bar and brush bar meets the requirements, whether its quality is up to the standard.


When you choose inner fan window, You should pay attention to whether the airtightness rubber strip is the same as the inferior branch of an inner fan, whether the brush has lost its hair, hair down and whether the glass bar is as long as the glass.


The standard of airtightness of doors and windows can be divided into 3 grades,.Airtightness 2m3/hr.m2 Airtightness 8m3/hr.m2;; Airtightness 30m3/hr.m2 . The lower the better the gas density, the less easy the leakage of gas into the room.


The suggestion of selecting the grade of sound insulation:


1、A noisy area

aluminum frame door manufacturer


The crossroads, the railroads, the airport, the market, etc. Aluminum alloy doors and windows of less than 2m3/hr.m2 air tightness grade is used in the surrounding buildings with more complex noise.


2、General area

General apartment houses, building communities, hospitals, factories, schools, and other buildings can use aluminum alloy doors and windows of less than 8 m3/hr air tightness grade.


3、Quiet area


Aluminum alloy doors and windows of less than 30m3/hr.m2 air tightness grade can be used in suburban and rural residential areas in relatively quiet areas.


Home is a place for us to rest and the most relaxing place to relax. Tired for a whole day, back home, try to think about the noisy noise outside the window, how can you have a good rest? The above points are expected to help you select the right doors and windows and you will have a warm home.


Share-yoon Door & Window was founded in 2006 and is the door and window brand of Foshan Share-yoon Household products Co., Ltd. The company's main high-end aluminum doors, Windows, sunlight room, etc., is a collection of research and development, production, sales and services in one of the modern enterprises.


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