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How to choose and buy living room balcony sliding doors?

Four small details will teach you to buy the living room balcony sliding door!
The drawing door of the living room balcony, with its simple modeling, push and pull convenient and not the advantage of space, has gradually won the people's love. It is a household product which is both practical and beautiful. But do you know what details do you need to pay attention to choose and buy the living room balcony sliding door?

balcony sliding door and windows

Details one: sliding door profile

At present, the most common sliding door from the profiles on the points, there are two kinds of aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. Aluminum-magnesium alloy sliding door, mixed with magnesium, copper, aluminum, manganese and other metals in the production process, tough and firm, smooth and shiny. The quality of recycled aluminum sliding door is relatively low, the strength of their products, the service life is much lower than the titanium-magnesium alloy.
At the time of purchase, we can grasp two tips. First, high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy material thickness of 1 mm or more, and the surface is the primary color of magnesium alloy. Surface mostly painted with recycled aluminum processing, we can easily distinguish between.

Details two: sliding door pulley

In general, the sliding door has two sets of pulleys, located on the upper and lower sides of the door. Pulley quality is good or bad, it depends entirely on the upper pulley. Because the pulley on the sliding door plays a guiding role. High-quality pulley, equipped with bearings, fixed wheels with aluminum block, the internal structure is more complicated. Here is a little misunderstanding, to explain to you. Many people always think that sliding door sliding as soon as possible. In actual fact, the high-end sliding door weight is enough.When will have a certain self-weight in the sliding, the pulley can slide light and not vibration, that is top grade.

Details three: sliding door track

Earth rail affects the sliding door of the ease of use and overall life. In the purchase should focus on foot feeling good, easy to clean style. Families with children and elderly people try their best to choose a ground track within 5 millimeters and a high one may stumble over  their families.

Details four: the origin of sliding doors

Basically similar with other decoration materials, there are currently three main types of sliding doors on the market: domestic sliding doors and domestically produced foreign brands. The price is also stacked high, we can buy according to our level of consumption. Here to remind everyone that the purchase must carefully observe the product sample, packaging, factory information, etc., beware of deceived.
Do you understand above the living room balcony sliding door purchase need to pay attention to the four major details?

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