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Broken Bridge aluminum casement window change to upper hanging window is refers to the previous ordinary casement window by replacing the casement hanging hardware and achieved.
This kind of window has two kinds of opening modes, it can not only ordinary plain open but also open upward and inward pour,which is the most popular way to open the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in the market. The biggest advantage of changing the broken bridge aluminum window to the upper hanging window is that it does not occupy the room.

The advantages of changing the broken bridge aluminum window to upper hanging window:

thermal break window

1.When the upper hanging,do not occupy the interior space , curtains can be freely open and close, lifting clothes racks will not conflict with the sash.
2. When the upper hanging,children are free to play, and you can safely clean the room without having to worry about the corner of the window bump into head or body.
3.Children play fun climbing the window sill will not have the danger of falling out of the window.
4. When on the upper hanging only close the window in the room can open again to open state, so you do not have to worry about the thieves getting into the room by prying the window. When you go out you can open upper hanging, always keep the indoor air fresh.
5. When upper hanging,indoor ventilation and natural ventilation, the wind is blown from the side of the window, do not directly blow people, make you feel more comfortable.
6. When the breeze drizzle, rain can only splashed on the glass, will not splash into the room. Tips: When strong wind and heavy rain to shut the window is good!