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How about aluminum alloy security window?

Nowadays, in order to ensure the home safety in the household decorates, people decorate the process to install the anti - theft door window product made by thermal break aluminum window suppliers. Aluminum alloy security window is the common anti-theft window products. Aluminum alloy security window refers to the use of aluminum alloy material made of anti-theft window, because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color and other advantages, much loved by people. Today we'll take you to know the relevant knowledge of the aluminum alloy anti-theft windows.



Aluminum alloy security window features:

1. High strength:
The aluminum alloy is much higher than the ordinary alloy, and the wall thickness is above 1 millimeters, so it is stronger and more secure than stainless steel.

2. Never rust:
Use aluminum alloy, so it has a high degree of weather resistance, and after a variety of surface treatment can guarantee rust for 30 years.

3. Convenient installation: Special design, special accessories, without welding, simple and efficient installation.

4. Low cost:
A variety of structural assemblies are suitable for different purposes, and absolute value is beyond value.

5. Beautiful and generous:
Aluminum alloy anti-theft window adopts advanced technology such as electrophoresis, spraying, sandblasting, polishing, etc. It can completely meet the needs of all customers in the country. It is unmatched by stainless steel.

6. Luxurious and elegant:
Security and security for the obvious features, easy to clean windows, with anti - theft, shear and tensile and other anti-theft functions, built-in installation, and can be matched with various application environment.

7. Maintenance-free:
After a variety of surface treatment of aluminum alloy profiles, with self-cleaning function, to avoid year-by-year maintenance and maintenance.

8. High protection value:
Due to its high recycling rate, it can ensure that the value of product recovery reaches 80%.