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Four Factors Affecting the Heat Loss of Doors and Windows

Energy conservation and emission reduction is a global concern. As an important content of energy conservation and emission reduction, building energy conservation is also paid more attention. Under the impetus of building energy saving policy, the energy-saving doors and windows of aluminum alloy, energy-saving doors and windows of FRP, aluminum plastic composite doors and windows and so on, a large number of new types of environmental protection and windows energy saving products are constantly emerging.

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For doors and windows industry research, promotion and utilization of advanced technology and product enthusiasm is not strong, for aluminum doors and windows related measures have not yet formed a complete set of system, but has not put energy conservation and emission reduction into practice. In building energy conservation, the role of doors and windows can not be underestimated. Evaluate building whether the energy efficiency, to see if resources are maximally saved in the life cycle of the building. It includes energy saving, land saving, water saving and timber saving. Whether to protect the environment and reduce pollution. Whether it provides people with a healthy, efficient use space. Whether it is a building with natural harmony and symbiosis.


  Many factors affecting the heat loss of doors and windows, the main aspects are as follows:


 1. The heat transfer system of doors and windows

The heat transfer coefficient of the door and window refers to the heat transfer per unit area within a unit time. The greater the heat transfer coefficient, the greater the loss of heat through the doors and windows in winter. The heat transfer coefficient of the door and window is also related to the material and type of the door and window.

 2. Air tightness of doors and windows

The airtightness of the door and window refers to on the closed state of the door and window,ability to prevent air infiltration. The level of airtightness of doors and windows has a great influence on the loss of heat. Outdoor wind change will have an adverse effect on room temperature. The higher the airtightness grade, the less the heat loss and the smaller the effect on the room temperature.

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3. Ratio coefficient of window and wall and orientation

The proportion of windows and walls refers to the ratio of the area of the outer window to the area of the outer wall. Usually, the heat transfer resistance of the door and window is much smaller than the heat transfer resistance of the wall. Therefore, the cooling and heat consumption of the building increases with the increase of the ratio of window and wall area. As a measure of building energy saving, it is required to determine the suitable window and wall ratio under the conditions of lighting and ventilation. In general, the solar radiation intensity and the sunshine rate of different orientations are different, and the solar radiation heat obtained by the windows is different.

4. Main ways to save energy for doors and windows

The main measures are heat preservation and heat insulation. The measures include selecting an energy-saving window, improving the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows, improving the airtightness of doors and windows, and determining the suitable window wall ratio and orientation.


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