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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different opening methods of aluminum alloy doors and windows

At present, the opening way of aluminum alloy windows in China is sliding type, and there are casement type and casement top hung type etc.. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users should choose according to their needs.

Sliding type: The aluminium sliding windows are sliding right or left or up and down along the track. Advantages: It does not occupy indoor and outdoor space, light and easy to use, especially suitable for balconies. Disadvantages: Maximum opening can only reach 1/2 of the entire window area. In the wind and rain, the windows can only be closed, and the air can not be changed.It is difficult to clean the face of the outside glass. Poor sealing,moisture and dust are easy to enter. The lower slideway of the window frame slides back and forth, there's a lot of space on it, and there is a gap between the pulleys, resulting in a large heat loss.

aluminium sliding windows.jpg

Casement type: Aluminum casement window is a traditional window type, which is divided into two types: external casement windows and internal casement windows. The window sashes can be single fans or double fans. Advantages: the window sash and window frame have rubber sealing strip between the window and the window frame, and the sealing performance is good. The external casement window has good waterproof performance and it does not occupy the interior space when it is opened. The internal casement window facilitates frequent scrubbing and keeps the windows clean. Disadvantages: external casement windows will occupy outdoor space. The internal casement window is easy to hit the head of a child and easily causes rain and dust to attack the room.

Casement top hung type: By turning the handle to choose whether to open inward or top to hang inward, it is the opening method that the country vigorously promotes. Advantages: Has good insulation and sound insulation. When ventilation, fresh air swirls into the room. When it's windy and raining, it can also open the window to keep the air fresh. Easy to clean the surface of the glass. Disadvantages: its technical content is high, hardware is mostly imported, the price is relatively high.