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When you like the same thing, you can find countless favorite reasons, and you these reasons will also be the basis for other people's progress. As a custom brand of high-end doors and windows enterprises, how to innovate more new type of sun room according to these "fundamental", then take you to see the following three points note:

The first point:details decide direction

What is the direction of deciding to details? For example, according to the characteristics of the user and the differences in regional differences, the direction of the customized sunshine room will also change. Sun room ventilation can be in accordance with changes in temperature and air freshness artificial ventilation, regulation range from micro-ventilation to full ventilation, indoor and outdoor air to maintain a consistent fresh. Or configure a number of sets of sunshade, waterproof and windproof program, can make people feel at ease over the hot and rainy summer. Secondly, when used at high temperature, the panoramic ventilation mode is adopted first, which can make the hot gas disappear instantaneously, and then open the air conditioner, which can greatly reduce the consumption. And in winter, because of the greenhouse effect, it can keep warm for a long time. In the end, consumers are biased towards special appearance design, which provides a lot of room for the development of customized sunlight room products.


The second point: determine quality by technology

Science and technology are primary productive forces. Sunlight room is a kind of high-tech product. If you want to stand out from many brands, you must have strong technology to support it. Consumers buy sunshine room is because of its demand for leisure space, so the ad ring again, the price concessions and more, there is no effect of leisure space will not buy it. And technological innovation is the guarantee of the effect.
The third point: personality decide development

At present, after” 80", "90" is more inclined to personalized, tailored sunshine room products. This is a higher demand for future customized sunlight houses. Especially with the development of the times, the individual elements gradually increase, and they are constantly looking for their own personalized sunlight room. The future demand for custom sunlight room will gradually evolve to fine development. When consumers have enough understanding of the sun room products, consumer demand will be more comprehensive. The future custom sunshine room must stand up to the challenges of every detail, which is also a test for the production capacity of the sunshine house enterprise.

In general, the current sun room in the high-end doors and windows industry has been widely popularized. With the development of the times, more and more good sun room custom enterprises will rise, which brand is it? Shar-Yoon soundproof window supplier windows and doors are continuing to work hard on this road. At present, the whole series of products are centered on "energy-saving and quiet sound". Through the overall design, overall processing, overall molding, overall supporting, overall installation, a series of complete standard processes, as well as the multi-cavity structure in the internal structure of profiles to maximize the sound insulation , energy-saving effect, to achieve the best overall performance of Share-Yoon windows and doors features.

There is immortal craftsman spirit in the birth and decline of every product. The birth of the product complies with the needs of consumers at different stages, and the decline of products conforms to the changes of the times. The birth of Share-Yoon doors and windows of each product conform to the needs of the times, consumer demand, and with the family's responsibility. Share-Yoon doors and windows respected home culture, through unique product features, superb technology, meticulous craftsmanship, to create a perfect home life, feel "home" warmth.