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Balcony sliding doors of various materials performance characteristics

Generally in the blank room, the balcony is without sliding door, or even if have,quality also is general. So when decorating, it is to install the sliding door that suits oneself normally. The common balcony sliding door material is aluminum alloy (including aluminum magnesium alloy, titanium magnesium alloy), steel plastic, wood and so on. One of the more common is the aluminum alloy sliding door, followed by steel plastic, the most rare is the wooden push and pull door. let's talk about the performance of various sliding doors.

1. Wooden sliding door

Usually wooden sliding doors are made of solid wood. So the texture of wood texture is very strong, visual and touch is gentle and warm, but because of fear of water, fear of exposure to the sun (the unavoidable sun and rain on the balcony), and easy to decolorization, it is really too delicate, so there is no one to use on the balcony.

2. Aluminum-magnesium alloy sliding door

Aluminum magnesium alloy is a kind of common aluminum alloy material, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, the price also is relatively appropriate, but the hardness of the relative titanium alloy is low, not enough to wear, but also can basically meet the needs of ordinary families.

3. Titanium-magnesium alloy sliding door

It is an upgrade version of aluminium magnesium alloy, which is better than aluminum-magnesium alloy in hardness, strength and thermal conductivity, but the price is relatively high. If the budget is not tight, titanium-magnesium alloy can be given priority.

4. Plastic steel sliding door

Compared with the aluminum alloy with high energy consumption, the steel plastic sliding door is a kind of material which is more environmental friendly and energy saving, and the price is also cheaper. The advantage is good insulation performance, because the density of the material is low, so the sound insulation effect is also better. If the hardness intensity requirements are not high, in fact, plastic steel is still more worth considering.