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Should a partition door be installed between the balcony and the living room?

Whether to install sliding door between the sitting room and balcony, it is the important topic that the new home decorates an argument. According to the market survey feedback, there is a choice to install the partition door, there are also a number of users to the activity area space more open and choose not to install the partition door. Let's look at the difference between install a partition door and no partition door.

一、The benefits of installing partition doors:
1. Antifouling and dirt-proof, easy and easy to take care of
Before the partition door was installed between the living room and the balcony, the outside dust was heavy and the living room was easily dirty. After installing the partition door, hygiene is easy to do and it saves money and effort.

2. Soundproof and comfortable, away from the noise
The house was built on the edge of the road and was noisy. After installing the partition door, the original noise was blocked, and the sound inside the door closed was small, and the quiet life was much more comfortable.

3. Good insulation performance
In winter, the temperature is relatively cold, and the living room cannot be fully seated before the partition door is installed. Even if the air conditioning is too large, it is not easy to warm up. After installing the partition door, it is obviously warmer and the heating costs are reduced.

4. Space division  Beautiful appearance
After installing a partition door, the living room and the balcony form two different areas of space, and the balcony is used to sun clothes, and it will not affect the beauty.

5. Privacy protection
Before the partition door was installed, the residents across the street could see it all over the place. Fortunately, the house was equipped with a sliding door to protect the family's privacy and full of security.

二、The difference between no partition door:
1. It's still hot to open the air conditioner in summer, and there is room to warm in the winter room.

2. The balcony usually does not hang clothes still good, one hang clothes, whole space that call an ugly.

3. The dust is big, especially on the street is not very soundproof, noisy and big dust.

4. In order to have more space, some people put the partition door removed, winter sitting in the living room feel chilly, the whole house was chilly.

5. If the balcony is not equipped with a partition door, it is very dangerous and the child cannot be near the balcony.

Most families choose between sitting room and balcony to install partition door, feedback is practical, more a layer of protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, reduce dust, save electricity. Here it is suggested that you can choose the appropriate partition door product according to your own needs and residence floor.