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Common problems with balcony windows and installation considerations

The quality of the windows used to install the closed balcony often has a great impact on people's lives. Choose a kind of balcony window that compares appropriate, reasonable installation, appear very outstanding. Let's take a look at the common problems of balcony aluminum casement windows and the precautions for installation.



Common problems of balcony window:

Reverse water: Mainly occurs in window frame and wall connection, window and window or corner joint, or because the window and the wall connection screw, did not do well seal processing and left the gap.

Security aspects: Buy inferior profile, installation is not firm, install without frame window on the balcony of high rise or wind, can cause security hidden trouble.

Switch is not smooth: Generally because of the quality of hardware or installation is not good, serious will make glass burst.

Note when installing the balcony window:

1. It should be installed before the paving, can ensure waterproof, but also can avoid expansion bolt exposure, affecting the appearance.
2. In advance, we should measure the size of the balcony closed surface, make the processing and customize, and check whether the size of the window and the hole is the same.
3. Before installation, the windows should be removed from the base material of the wall, punch holes at the fixed points, and preset expansion bolts, so as to fix the window.
4. Window frames and walls are evenly spaced, with styrofoam delaminating the gaps to ensure full and dense. The inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silica gel to prevent water seepage.
5. Silica gel as far as possible to use transparent, after drying to be dealt with, because easy to change color, unfavorable to play too much, silica gel a window hole to use a set.
6. When assembling glass, should set plastic cushion block, use glass to insert a piece or glass glue to insert closely.
7. Finally, the protective film must be removed after installation.