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Characteristics of energy saving doors and windows for heat insulation profiles

The heat insulation material, the inner and outer layers, is made up of aluminum alloy profiles, and the middle is connected by a low thermal conductivity nonmetallic heat insulation material into a "heat insulation bridge" composite. Heat insulated profiles are applied to the new generation of aluminum profile door and energy saving doors and windows. It is mainly aimed at the high thermal conductivity and poor heat insulation of the traditional aluminum alloy, the key problem of product single technology. Novel doors and windows made of hollow glass with insulated profiles. There are mainly the following advantages:

1. Energy saving and condensation prevention: The K value of the thermal conductivity can reach 3.0 or less, effectively preventing the heat conduction inside and outside the doors and windows, and saving more than 45% of energy. Moreover, the interior surface temperature of doors and windows is close to room temperature, which reduces the condensation of doors and windows due to moisture saturation.

2. Environmental protection, comfort: The multi cavity structure with different thickness of insulating glass and insulated aluminum profile can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent the transmission of voice, and create a comfortable and comfortable living environment. At the same time, energy conservation can reduce the use of air-conditioning and heating equipment. In addition, aluminum alloys can be completely recycled and reused, free from pollution, and conducive to environmental protection.

3. Good water tightness and air tightness: The new aluminum doors and windows adopt weather-proof design, which can achieve wind pressure and airtightness of Class 1 and watertight properties of Class I-III.

4. Decorative performance: The inner surface of the heat insulation profile adopts different surface treatment methods and is accompanied by different colors to decorate the indoor and outdoor different styles of decorative effects.

Therefore, the heat-insulating thermal break aluminum doors and windows have become the most popular energy-saving and environmental protection doors and windows, and have been loved by many consumers.

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