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Doors and windows are common building materials in our lives. At present, the aluminum profile glass door and stainless steel screen sliding window have come out of home market and enter the European market.Windows and doors also need CE certification to enter the EU countries successfully.This article will introduce you to the CE certification of doors and windows products.

Introduction of CE certification for doors and windows

The door and non-thermal break window CE certification mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for the manufacturer to open and enter the European market.Products that are CE certified with hearing doors and windows can be sold within the European Union members, without having to meet the requirements of each member country, so as to achieve the free circulation of commodities within the EU Member States.

The CE certification mark in the EU market is a mandatory certification mark.Whether inside or outside the European Union and other countries, if we want to open doors and windows freely in the EU market, we must add the CE certification mark to show that the products meet the basic requirements of the European Union's "technical coordination and standardization new method" directive.This is a mandatory requirement of the EU law on products.

Doors and windows must be marked with CE certification when they are placed in the European market.The requirements are mainly aimed at wind resistance, water tightness, air permeability, load-bearing capacity of safety equipment,sound absorption property and thermal conductivity and so on.

The standard of CE certification for doors and windows is as follows:

EN 14351-1:doors and windows-product standard,performance characteristics-part one:windows and outside departments without flame-retardant or smoke proof function

Since February 1, 2007,the door and window products exported to Europe must be marked with CE certification.

Generally speaking, the quality of the product includes the following aspects:

Authentication-Self certification or third party authentication

Qualified declaration when entering and leaving the customs

CE certification marks are attached to the product

Holding a test report to support and certify a qualified record

Always keep the terms of the latest directive & standard requirements