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Although the bedroom is a private space, but also can not lack of interaction with nature. Choose a large aluminum floor window in the bedroom, so you wake up every day, full of vitality and enjoy a happy moment.

Floor  windows have become more and more popular in modern decoration, occupying more and more important seats.Many people spend a lot of human and financial resources in order to choose the floor window. When buying floor-to-ceiling windows, in addition to good-looking, it should also pay attention to its security. So, how to choose a beautiful and safe floor window?

The best choice for the floor window to be purchased is made of toughened glass. To know that the same thickness of glass than ordinary glass impact resistance and bending strength of 3 to 5 times stronger, but also has good thermal stability, the temperature is about the same thickness of ordinary glass 3 times, can withstand 200 ℃ temperature changes.

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In the interference than the same thickness of ordinary glass is also large 3-4 times. When subjected to load, the maximum tensile stress is not located on the glass surface like ordinary glass but in the center of the tempered glass. Another by the external damage, the tempered glass will be broken into a similar honeycomb obtuse small particles, not easy to cause serious harm to the human body.

In the choice of floor window profiles material, you should give priority to broken aluminum bridge. Broken Bridge Aluminum, also known as insulation broken aluminum bridge, it is more than ordinary aluminum alloy or traditional plastic steel has more excellent performance. The windproof capacity of the broken bridge aluminum is strong and the appearance is beautiful. Especially for high-rise households, wind resistance is the most crucial. At the same time broken aluminum insulation and thermal insulation is good, good sound insulation, impact resistance, tightness, good water tightness, good fire resistance, security is good.

Floor window general lighting more adequate. Summer afraid of the temperature is too high, it should choose hollow double toughened glass, or hollow coated glass, to block a lot of heat, weaken the UV, and then pull the curtains on it.

If you want to change the windows of the ordinary to floor windows at home, before the transformation must check some of the window is not a load-bearing wall. If you assume the floor, girders, etc. bearing wall, you can not arbitrarily change the wall.

Good floor window layout to increase the living room or bedroom lighting, highlight the atmosphere, towards the poor-oriented units have a good effect. At the same time standing in front of the French window panoramic view of the beautiful world outside the window.