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Bay window common decoration methods

The general bay window may have a rectangular or trapezoidal shape and protrudes from indoors to outdoors. The three sides of the bay window and aluminum profile glass window are filled with glass, and the height of the window sill is lower than the general window. This design is not only conducive to the large-area glass lighting, but also retains a spacious window sill. Of course for the aesthetic feeling of the home, the bay window also needs to be decorated. What are the common decoration methods for the bay window? Today we'll take you to know it.I hope it will help you.



1. Make a viewing platform:

If the area of the home is big enough, the bedroom faces the view point is the beautiful landscape greening, can make the bay window to do the viewing platform. The simple big window, the sunshine is warm and bright, enjoy the breeze gently, the bedroom and the nature are integrated.

2. Made into a leisure area:

Put a small coffee table on the bay window, coupled with a cushion is a place for leisure. Although the living room is a guest area, if the guests come more, saying something whispers between women, there is a seat in the bedroom, drink a cup of flower tea can also enjoy the beauty of the feeling is very comfortable.

3. Mini-bedroom:

If the child is too small, want to take care of him and wanted to develop his independence, put the bay window converted into a mini beds. The child likes it very much, the parents also feel relieved, but should pay attention to the safe handling of the window.

4. The workbench:

If a small-sized home has a bay window, it can also be converted into a learning station. This saves space and improves practicality.

5. Storage box:

The method of increasing the storage is not limited to tatami,the bay window can also be used to help.The landing bay window to create a storage box, covered with cushions and it is also very practical.