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Inside aluminum doors and windows, security is the most fundamental issue. If the aluminum window on the balcony is compared with the other doors and windows in the room, balcony window quality requirements are much higher than the latter. Because the three sides of the balcony, a few sides to be blown by the wind, its bearing capacity is much larger than the ordinary window. In addition, many balconies didn't consider the problem of balcony's future packaging when they were designed. In the balcony at the top and guardrail simply did not stay sash "settled" place. Therefore, poor installation is easy to accident.

So, if you decide to close the balcony with an aluminum alloy window, in addition to the above mentioned matters, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. can not use a small section and thin aluminum wall balcony aluminum window. Some construction teams cut corners, using aluminum square tube instead of regular aluminum window profiles, tis will make the balcony windows bearing capacity is greatly reduced. If you encounter strong winds, it will twisting, distortion, or even falling off occurs.


2. Aluminum strength must be in line with the standard, should be very hard when folded by hand. Soft materials can not be used.

3. The design should be reasonable and can not be used to reduce the material. Can not be used from the fence to the top "landing" large sash. Be sure to install a 400 - to 500 - millimeter fixed window in the upper part, and a 1200 - to 1300 - millimeter sliding window below. And, sliding window can not be too wide.

4. Taking into account the bearing capacity of aluminum alloy frame can not be too large, closed balconies are generally not used to casement window.

5. Fixed need to firmly. Balcony aluminum window frame and horizontal frame must be fixed in the balcony fence and the top and use rivets and rivets are fixed in concrete and reinforced with painted angles. Can not be fixed on the brick wall, but can not use wooden wedge up and down to stand up instead of fixed nail gun.

6. Aluminum windows downward rail’s high side of the room should be indoors, low side in the outdoor, to prevent the infiltration of rainwater. And holes should be made on the outside of the lower edge to remove the rain. All the gaps in the closed balcony should be filled with cement mortar.