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Aluminum Glazed Sliding Door

Share-yoon manufacturing the best aluminum glazed sliding door,over the past ten years, our aluminum glazed sliding door have received more than 10 awards in the industry of aluminum glazed sliding door.

  • Honor sliding door, Dignity

    Honor sliding door, DignityMore >

    From the use of point of view, sliding doors will undoubtedly greatly facilitate the space division and use of the room, its reasonable push-pull design to meet the modern life of the compact order and rhythm.

    Aluminum thickness: 1.3

  • Distinguised aluminum glazed sliding/swinging door, Honor

    Distinguised aluminum glazed sliding/swinging door, HonorMore >

    Origin: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

    Color: White, yellow flower pear, red acid branch, red sandalwood, electrophoresis champangne,champane sparkly,PU yellow sandalwood, Brazilian pear, Bokma gold, water culew, yellow sandalwood, America white oak

    Aluminum thickness: 1.4