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Compared to the average door, aluminum alloy folding doors more convenient to use, which is also very high safety. It's one of the best doors and windows options for many families now. Moreover, aluminum folding doors in the design is more beautiful, so set safe, convenient and beautiful as one of the aluminum folding doors, how can you not be welcomed by everyone? Although many kinds of doors have appeared on the market at present, but aluminum alloy folding door is one of the very good doors and windows products. Then the following for everyone to introduce aluminum folding door repair and advantages of the relevant information.

1. Aluminum folding doors compared to ordinary doors and windows, more beautiful and generous, and the product is very new style, color is also very diverse, so a lot of options to choose.

2. Aluminum folding doors use folding way, as a result, aluminum alloy folding doors can reduce the space occupied, and secondly, the use of methods is also very easy, just a simple pull it.

3. The design of the aluminum alloy folding door also takes into account the weight of the aluminum alloy folding door. As a result of use aluminum alloy material, the quality of the aluminum alloy folding door is relatively light, but also has the characteristics of thermal insulation, thermal insulation, moisture prevention and the like.

4. Aluminum alloy folding door material is aluminum folding doors, cleaning is also more convenient.It is the best product in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions.

alumilum double glaze casement door

Aluminum alloy folding door repair:

1. When the aluminum alloy folding door is repaired, the parts of the gap part of the aluminum alloy folding door are not flexible. We need to remove the door, put on new parts can be.

2. If aluminum alloy folding hinges, pulleys, handles and so there have been some failures, will affect the use of aluminum folding doors, so we need regular inspection. If conditions permit, you can add some lubricants in the friction parts of the aluminum alloy folding doors, so as to maintain the flexibility of the switch.

3. Aluminum alloy folding door seal tape is a decoration, but also requires our regular repair or replacement.

Aluminum alloy folding door maintenance:

1. Aluminum folding doors are best used in a ventilated, non-humid environment. Although aluminum folding doors can be moisture-proof,antifouling and anti-rust, but in good environment can increase the life of aluminum folding doors. Try not to appear with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances contact aluminum folding doors

2. When cleaning aluminum alloy folding door , you should use specialized cleaning tools, and even cleaning agents are also required, without alkaline or acidic detergent to clean the best.

3. The drainage system of the aluminum alloy folding door is an important step for the maintenance of the aluminum alloy folding door. Therefore, we need to regularly check the drainage system aluminum alloy folding doors, drainage to maintain smooth, to avoid dirt blocking, affecting the use.

Aluminum folding doors such a product in the market is received everyone's approval. Of course, in addition to the design advantages and product features, the material of the aluminum folding door itself also determines the service life of the aluminum folding door will be very long. The above is about aluminum folding door repair and advantages of the relevant information, I hope to help you.