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Aluminum alloy doors and windows color matching strategy, let home new vitality!

The eyes are the windows of the soul. If God has closed a door for you, he will certainly open another window for you. From this sentence, we can easily see the importance of doors and windows.

Doors and windows will bring the sun of life into the room, cold time to resist the cold wind, summer sun shading heat insulation. Not only keep out wind and rain but also absorb fresh air. Not only open field of vision but also keep out private areas. Not only keep away the noise from the outside world but also do not release indoor sound sources. Windows and doors determine the degree of comfort in the room.

Pursuing the improvement of the quality of life is the eternal pursuit of mankind. A reasonable combination of aluminum alloy doors and windows can make buildings emit new vitality.


What are the colors of the aluminum alloy doors and windows

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are one of the most widely used doors and windows. Compared with other doors and windows materials, the advantages are obvious. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different people, market launches a variety of different colors of aluminum alloy doors and windows. For example, white, champagne, gray, wood grain (black, red walnut), silver, log, red, yellow and so on. There are also many styles of doors and windows, such as sliding windows, casement windows, inward opening pour inside windows,frameless balcony window, mosquito screens,high-grade aluminium clad wood insulated windows, etc.

1.How to choose the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows?
When choosing the color of doors and windows, you should start from the overall style of home furnishing, and the style of doors and windows should keep the same style with home style.
If your home is Chinese style, can consider the aluminium alloy door window of red department. Red aluminium door window not only can make household more warmth and enthusiasm, and also can let the household add a respect and solemn.

If the home is Nordic style, might as well choose raw wood color door window. Raw wood color many times give a person a kind of archaize feeling, in fact it is more representative of a kind of nobility and comfortable. Raw wood color homes are not only elegant, but also add a healthy, so that the city's home has become exceptionally quiet and leisurely.

2. How to choose the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows?
Color matching is a very professional job, and many people are not very good at this aspect. If you don't know how to choose the color of doors and windows, consider the color of the door to be close to the color of the interior furniture, floor and the decoration, and then make a slight difference in the details of the color. This is also more comfortable.

3. How to choose the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows?
In the actual decoration, many owners prefer white doors and windows, especially when creating a modern style. However, if the wall of the home is white and the doors and windows are white, this will make the whole room lack the sense of vitality. If the owner that chooses white door window recommends the metope color of the bedroom chooses light yellow, light blue, so you can have a kind of pure and fresh feeling.