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Aluminum Alloy Casement Window Material Processing and Performance

The casement window is the most common window, it is divided into internal opening and external opening. A casement window, the window sash is combined with the window frame through the hinge, and the sash can be rotated open. The advantage of this kind of window is that the structure is simple, the whole window can be opened 100%, the airtightness is good and the thermal performance of the building is high. In the building energy saving demands more and higher today, aluminum casement windows will become the mainstream of the market. The disadvantage of the casement window is that the sash should occupy a certain space when it is opened. Not suitable for use in some particularly narrow places, there is not enough space to accommodate the open window.


Aluminum alloy casement window material

The main material of aluminum alloy flat window consists of three aspects: aluminum profile, glass and hardware. When the owners purchase products, they tend to pay more attention to the thickness of aluminum profile and glass, but the requirements for hardware are not very high, which is not comprehensive. In fact, the state of aluminum alloy casement window requirements is a certain standard. Aluminum profiles used for high-quality aluminum windows, its thickness, strength and oxide film are generally in line with national standards.


Aluminum alloy casement window processing

In addition to the material to meet the quality requirements, the processing is also a very important part. Because the technology content of aluminum alloy casement windows is not high, the degree of mechanization is not high at present, most of which depend on the manual operation of installation workers, which requires operators to have good product quality consciousness.

Aluminum alloy casement window appearance

The owners choose high-end aluminum alloy casement window products. They usually pay much attention to the appearance of products and decorative patterns of glass, but often despise the composite film on the surface of aluminum alloy casement windows. The composite film is formed by the coloring of the artificial oxide film. It has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss, and also has a certain fire protection function. So in the selection and purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows products to compare similar products.


Performance of aluminum alloy casement window

The performance of aluminum alloy casement window is different because of the different use range, but the following aspects should be considered.

1. Strength. It is mainly reflected in the material selection of the aluminum alloy casement window, whether it can withstand the ultra-high pressure.

2. Airtightness. It is mainly embodied in the window structure, whether the tightness of the window inner fan and outer frame structure, whether the frameless balcony window is close together and windproof.

3. Water tightness. The main assessment aluminum alloy casement window whether is the existence of water accumulation, leakage phenomenon.

4. Sound insulation. This mainly depends on the sound insulation effect of insulating glass and other special soundproof airtight strips as well as opening and closing force,insulation,nylon guide wheel durability,open-end lock durability and other doors and windows with the durability. The performance of aluminum alloy casement window is mainly reflected in the three aspects.