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What are the advantages and characteristics of hanging rail sliding door?

sliding door

Sliding door is believed everybody is familiar, can say to hanging rail sliding door, estimate very few people know. The hanging rail sliding door is a aluminum profile sliding door that is not on the ground. Aluminum profile sliding door eliminates the need for people to clean the dirty things at the seams, and when it opens, there is no noise. Therefore, hanging rail sliding door compared with the traditional sliding door, it has its own advantages and characteristics. Today, we will take you to understand the advantages and characteristics of the hanging rail sliding door.

The benefits of hanging rail sliding door:

  1. Adopting the design of no down-wheels, the two different environments in the living room are integrated into one, making the home more cordial and harmonious.
  2. The use of high quality pulley, lock, function and use are more convenient and comfortable.
  3. Widen the fixed door, show more luxurious.
  4. Increases the beauty of personalization.
  5. Aluminum profile sliding door has the environmental protection durable, moistureproof, wear-resisting, does not fade.
  6. Make the ground easy to clean and detachable.

The characteristics of the hanging rail sliding door:

  1. Under normal circumstances, hanging rail doors are usually divided into two types, one is a light hanging rail door: sliding light, diverse styles, can be designed in accordance with ordinary sliding door style, door frame and door panel material is completely consistent with ordinary partition or closet door. There is also a heavy-duty hanging rail door: the door frame is thick, the door panel is thick, sturdy and durable, the overall effect of the door body is similar to a solid wood door, but aluminum profile sliding door’s service life and grade are better than ordinary wooden doors, and the sliding smoothly, and the buckle door lock can be installed.
  2. The biggest feature of the hanging rail sliding door is that it does not have a lower rail, which is very suitable for some space which is not suitable for installing the lower rail. For example some stone ground, still have the old person that often walks, the space of the child appears very convenient and comfortable. But here is a point to remind everybody, that is the sliding door after the use time long, for some quality not too good sliding door, easy to appear the voice is big. Double doors open for a long time and there will be a gap of annoyance.

As above is a brief introduction about the advantages and characteristics of the hanging rail sliding door, and it is believed that after the introduction, we, as one of the aluminum profile door manufacturers, will have a further understanding and knowing of the hanging rail sliding door. Excepted for sliding doors, do you know where to buy folding doors? Welcome to contact us.

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