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The choice of windows is very important.
When a lot of people are decorating,
Ignore the space and put all the ordinary windows in it.
In fact, this not only makes home decoration lack a beautiful scenery,
but also affects the room for better lighting or shading.
Therefor, before selecting the window for the decoration,
First of all, think of what styles of windows are installed in each functional area is better.

Except for ordinary windows(That is, we usually see a flat glass window with a certain height from the ground.) Depend on different requirement of our windows’ use function, you can choose different styles, such as french windows, bay windows, shutters, skylights and so on. Different styles of windows are able to take care of the needs of each space more carefully, and bring more energy to the home through our design and decoration.

French windows
Style: Large area lighting,
Look at the panorama, Extension space.
Apply to the living room, the bedroom, and the balcony,
Home expansion, High requirement for landscape

aluminum swing door
Style: Three face glass,
Small windowsills, Beneficiability is big.
Apply to the study, a bedroom, a living room,
The space for decoration and modification can be used,
it can be made into a small corner of leisure and entertainment.

Style: Use concave and convex blades,
It can adjust the light, lighting at the same time blocking the outside line of sight, is conducive to private.
Apply to  bathroom, bedroom, living room, study and kitchen.Want to create a different light in the room, the lower layer should consider security.

Style: It's usually on the roof,
more closed type.
Apple to the attic, the top floor.
You can see the night sky.

Share-Yoon Doors and Windows reminder:
A Window, a scene.
As long as a moving point of mind, careful choice
Make use of space in a reasonable way,
you will make a perfect space!