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Why do so many owners change doors and windows? Door and window is the face of the house, owners bought a second-hand house to be refurbished or prepared for the two remolding ,there are very concerned about the problem of door and window. At the same time, there are all kinds of problems in the old house doors and windows, which bring a lot of inconvenience to life. Because of the importance of doors and windows, most people will choose to change doors and windows.

doors and windows

1. Thin material

In order to save costs, the original raw materials for doors and windows are mostly ordinary building aluminum materials. Such materials resist wind and pressure difference, and are easily deformed and damaged by strong winds.


2. Poor use of accessories

It is also because of the cost. The parts of the original buildings and doors and windows are all cheaper accessories. The hand feel is not good enough, and the quality is poor, so it is easy to rust and break, and it is easy to cause danger.


3. Construction protection measures are not in place and difficult to clean

The original doors and windows in the civil construction or owner's construction are not suitable for its protective measures, resulting in scraping and mud falling. It is difficult to repair and clean, affecting the beauty and use of doors and windows.

door and windows_1

4. Irregular installation leads to water seepage.

When the original windows were installed, they did not seal with the sealants in the corners and splicing places, or used explosive screws to connect windows and walls. Rainwater penetrated into the wall along the explosive screws, causing leakage hazards.


5. The color is monotonous and the style is dull.

The color of the original windows and doors 99% is pure color (sand ash, coffee, green, etc.), and the home color system is very difficult to match, must be changed.


6. Simple function, unable to meet the basic needs.

The original doors and windows not only color bad collocation, style is dull. Most of only the most basic dustproof function, even the general functions are not anti mosquito, many owners can only add their own gauze, the result is achieved, but the appearance effect is not satisfactory. It is very inconvenient to use, after all, it is not matching, and the whole is not coordinated.


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